How to participate

  •  Complete or extend existing articles of Umeå. Please have a look at the map on the home page or look at the list on the project page on Wikipedia. If you are not familiar with editing articles on Wikipedia, it is a good idea to first read through Wikipedia’s introductory course. Please send an email to if you have any questions or would like to take part in one of our workshops.
  •  Translate articles. If you have good understanding of a language other than Swedish you are invited to translate the Swedish Wikipedia articles about Umeå into that language. Many very important articles are missing in other languages​​, and often there is also a need for articles to be expanded and updated.
  •  Adding sources. An important part of Wikipedia is that the articles have high quality sources. We need your help with identifying and adding sources in Umeå related articles. You can also review the existing sources and replace them if they are wrong or if there are better sources available. You can read how to add sources on Wikipedia in the Citing sources on Wikipedia PDF.
  •  Working with images. Articles are often much nicer to read if they have good illustrations in them. First and foremost, you can help with photographing interesting things that take place in Umeå. But for example you could also create a schematic diagram or similar for an article. You can learn more about how to add illustrations in the Adding images to articles PDF.
  • Spread the word about the project. Tell everybody that you know about the project! Blog, tweet and mention it on Facebook and other channels! The more people that take part the better!